Yamaha P Series P105B 88-Key Digital Piano Review

The Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is high on the recommendations list of pianos of this nature because it’s made to impress. It doesn’t only meet the standards set for what’s known as a quality digital piano; it’s the type of piano that sets the bar for this electronic device, which shouldn’t be a surprise since it’s made by a well-known electronic goods brand when it comes to synthesizers and electronica. With that said, it should be noted that the main difference between a electric piano and a digital piano is that the latter actually records piano sounds from real acoustic grand pianos and the like while the former creates and invents new synthesizer sounds you won’t ever hear from the genuine article. Actually, the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano can do both acoustic and electronic settings plus it can even have accompaniment included to boot.

Yamaha P Series P105B Review

New and Improved Lightweight Polyphonic Piano

The Yamaha P105 Digital Piano isn’t only versatile and capable of many different piano styles (plus accompaniment so that when you play it, it seems like a whole band is playing with you). This $600 instrument is also lightweight. It’s easy to set up and store because it weighs only 27 pounds, which is a huge improvement compared to the $500 P95, which weighs a lot more. That’s not the only thing that improved with this piano. Many of the shortcomings of the P95 aren’t present with the P105. The piano sound is more high fidelity and true to the music you’d hear on grand pianos because the P105 uses 128 polyphony notes instead of the 64 notes of the P95, which ensures smooth playing every time. Only musicians would notice the difference, but that makes the P105 a musician’s piano.

The Musician’s Piano That’s Better in Every Department

That’s not to say that the Yamaha P95 Digital Piano was a slouch in terms of quality pianos of its type. It’s a Yamaha piano, after all. It’s just that the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is every bit better in every department that matters compared to the P95. The P105 uses better recording technology, offers digital sound that’s crystal clear, and can emulate many music styles that allow musicians to truly test the limits of their creativity and imagination. It’s a piano that releases rather than limits your creativeness and ingenuity rather than serve as a hurdle against it. Aside from better piano sound, the P105 also offers USB to computer or tablet output, stereo ¼” audio line level outputs that make your external sound system appear like Surround Sound, and four built-in internal speakers.

Customer Review

Even when compared to its closest competitor, the Casio Privia PX150, the Yamaha P105 shines the brightest as far as I’m concerned. It’s the best 88-key weighted-action stage piano I’ve ever come across; once you play them up close and side-by-side to see and hear their true mettle (with either speakers or headphones), you’ll understand the difference through hands-on (and ears-on) experience. Even if you aren’t a 35-year-old acoustic grand piano veteran like me, the authentic piano sound really shines through with the P105, and only the PX150 (see PX150 Review here) comes close (but not quite) to it. If you want something excellent and lightweight, the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is the way to go. It has a richer, more fully bodied sound that’s hard to describe.

According to 115 customer reviews, the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano got a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.


The Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is not a perfect piano. Although Yamaha has been making beautiful and excellent musical instruments for a century—from acoustic pianos to electronic devices that can produce hi-fi sound—the P105 does have its limits. Relative to other brands, the major weak point of Yamaha is its lack of realism. It’s a clone of the P95 but with a better sound system added, plus its lightness only makes it look more like a toy piano than a real instrument. The way its keys moved and felt screams more electric piano than digital piano that could double as an acoustic piano with prerecorded piano sounds. If only it were more realistic, then it’s likely to be ahead of its competition in the same price range by leaps and bounds. Alas, this is not the case.


Even though it looks like a toy piano and has prerecorded grand piano sounds to mimic a real acoustic piano in true electric piano fashion, the Yamaha P105 Digital Piano is more than just the New Millennium’s version of the Eighties’ Synthesizer. Thanks to advanced technology, it can be that and much more. With the P105, you get perfectly tuned piano sounds in acoustic piano mode from an expensive grand piano you could never own at a small fraction of the cost of one through a digital piano that weighs all of 27 pounds. What’s more, you get 14 watts of total audio power, a duet mode if you’re playing the same keys at the same time with another musician, and various modes like drum rhythm patterns for your accompaniment needs.